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We believe wine should be a joy not just to drink but also to choose and not a lucky dip. That is why we want to help you Taste more and Buy better.

What is Wine?

Wine is an Alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes from one or more varieties of the Vitis Vinefera grape vine. Try thinking of it this way all the many different varieties of wine whether Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon are all roses and the grapes in your fruit bowl are daffodils they are all still flowers but not exctly the same thing. 

What is Wine tasting?

You might think you already taste plenty of wine possibly most Friday's as soon as you get home but are you getting as much from every glass as you could? Wine tasting is a process which will enable you to judge the quality of a wine based solely on the contents of the glass and not on any preconceptions, it will aslo help you to understand your own tastes and preferences meaning you more often pick up a bottle that you enjoy.

What is acidity?

Like all issues surrounding flavour this is more a question of personal taste one womans Chablis is anothers Vinegar. However acidity is responsible for the fresh mouthwatering quality of all great white wines and what makes white wines such a great choice with salads and white meats. Try this little experiment to understand how the food you serve with a white wine affects the flavour. Have a sip of your chosen wine then eat something sweet, a piece of popcorn or some bread and honey works well, then have a sip of the wine again you should notice that the wine tastes much more acidic than it did before. Now take a slice of lemon or lime and suck that then take another sip of the wine suddenly the acidity should dissapear and fruit flavours should be much more noticeable.

What is Tanin?

Tanin is the cause of a sensation of dryness found in black tea and red wine and in grapes is found in the skin only. Try peeling a black grape and you will see the flesh is green and all the colour is in the skin it is this skin and tanin that protects the grape from the harmful rays of the sun much like melanin in your own skin. Tanin can contribute to a bitterness in some wine but is more often something which we percieve as a dryness on the tongue gums or as a slight coating on the teeth. Try sipping a particularly full bodied red maybe an Argentinian Malbec of Chilean Cabernet and noticing the effect of Tanin then eat a cube of cheddar making sure to chew it well then have another sip of wine. The wine may seem smoother and fruit flavours which were masked before should be more detectable. This is also why you should be careful when the cheese comes out in a wine shop