Three week introduction to wine course

Over three weeks this course will explore some of the key principles to understanding why wine has been enjoyed for thousands of years. By focusing on understanding some of the tricks of the trade you'll learn how to find great wines that wont break the bank. Our principles also help when you do want to buy something special how to make sure it doesn't dissappoint.

You will learn how wine is produced and understand the factors which influence price and quality, while tasting wines chosen to illustrate classic wine styles. You will compare Old World and New World wines and how climate and soil affect flavour.

Each session features six hand chosen wines from around the world giving you the chance to compare different grapes and countries to better understand your own palate and the wines that you enjoy. The three wine tastings form a course which makes a great way for enthusiasts and novices alike to explore their love for all things vinous.

Over three weeks you will attend the following tastings

Introduction to white wine

Introduction to red wine

Introduction to Sparkling and Rose wine


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