Wines of Italy

Tour one of the World's great wine producing nations without leaving Sheffield. From Ligura to Puglia, Yorkshire Wine Experience will give a new perspective on some well loved classics and introduce some lesser known gems. This is a personal favourite, modern Italian wines have real character and vitality beautifully balanced by tradition rarely found anywhere else in the world. This is after all Oenotria the "land of grapes" that gave wine to the world.

Our qualified tutor will guide you through some of the key moments in Italian history to learn why Italy wine has perhaps never quite achieved the worldwide acclaim that the wines of France have enjoyed. We will attempt to simplify the bewildering range and variety of wines which Italy has to offer. To give you the courage to look beyond Chianti and Pinot Grigio and seek the lesser known delights of wines like Lagrein or Vermintino.

From Soave to Chianti Italy makes some of the greatest food friendly wines in the world. Wines which combine rustic charm and history with modern wine making sophistication.

In this tasting you will.

Develop basic tasting skills to identify aroma, flavour and quality.

Learn about some of the famous regions and the grapes and wine making techniques which influence the flavours in your glass.

Learn about the effect of age and oak on wine and identify some of the flavours and aromas which can develop.

Sample at least 6 wines from different Regions with no pressure to buy.

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