Introduction to Sparkling and Rose

A fantastic way to start your journey of discovery this tasting will help you develop the basic skills to appreciate flavour, aroma and quality in the wine that you love. It is not often that you get the chance at home to open six different wines and taste them alongside each other however at one of our tastings that's exactly what happens. When you do you find you very quickly start to develop a map of the flavours and aromas that you enjoy and how those wines fit together.

Ever wondered why Champagne can be so expensive or what the difference is between Prosecco and Cava then this is the one for you. We will explore different styles of Sparkling wine from around the world and try to understand why they have such different flavours.

Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor will guide you through different grape varieties and explain their individual character and introduce the famous regions where they are grown. Our tastings will give you not only the chance to try new wines but also to learn about those regions and to suggest others that you might wish to explore. A fantastic introduction to enthusiasts and novices alike or a great gift for winelovers.

In this tasting you will

Learn some of the basic skills to help you identify aroma, and flavour and to assess quality.

Get some tips on buying wine and gain confidence to choose more exciting wines for parties or gifts.

Explore your palate and start to build your own road map of the wines you love.

Get to try at least six different wines showcasing some classic styles.

A great gift and a wonderful way to start to explore the world of wine.


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