Champagne Masterclass

This Luxurious tasting is the perfect gift for lovers of Champagne or as a treat for yourself.

No celebration is complete without a glass of something sparkling but the mystery of how wine gets its sparkle is less clear. Learn how a region that struggled to make drinkable wines came to make the wine the world celebrates with. We discuss why Champagne is expensive and whether it really deserves the reputation as the worlds greatest wine.

Learn how the British advanced the fortunes of Champagne and helped to make it the wine we know and love.

Understand how the famous champagne houses develop their unique flavour and the skill required to produce a truly world class wine which is unique to Champagne.

Compare Champagne with some of the best the rest of the world has to offer and make up your own mind as to whether it retains it's place as the "wine of kings and king of wines"

A fabulous treat or a great gift for the wine lover in your life.

In this tasting you will

Learn how Champagne is made and how that affects the flavour of the wines that you buy.

You will taste six fabulous sparkling wines including four different styles of Champagne and two premium sparkling wines from around the world.

Understand the principles of blending which enable the unique qualities of Champagne to be expressed.

You will learn to understand some of the terms which appear on wine labels and demystify the mystique of Champagne.

We will explore some of the possibilities for food matching regularly overlooked with sparkling wines.


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